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Recycled Asphalt Facts & More

Recycled Asphalt Calgary

Traditional Recycled Asphalt (RAP)

Pros and Cons

Traditional recycled asphalt (RAP) driveways have been a popular choice among homeowners since its inception. It’s inexpensive when compared to concrete or regular asphalt and it’s darker colour complements many home exteriors. In the winter the dark surface will help snow melt faster.

There are several reasons people have fallen in love with recycled asphalt driveways. Affordability and the lessened environmental impact are two factors that people like about RAP. Traditional recycled asphalt (RAP) does still have some tar in it, which allows it to bond well when compacted. It also holds up well to rain and snow thanks to its composition. Appearance wise it looks like a combination of a gravel driveway and an asphalt surface.

A recycled asphalt driveway can generally be applied in one to two days. From there homeowners will need to wait an additional 24 hours for the oil seal coat to dry.

Cons of Using Asphalt

While there are definitely perks to using traditional recycled asphalt products (RAP) for your driveway, there are cons to it as well. One example is discolouration. Over time your driveway will fade into something that while unique, may not be the look every homeowner wants.

A traditional recycled asphalt (RAP) driveway requires continuous maintenance to keep it looking it’s best. The driveway can last anywhere from 12 to 20 years, but without regular re-oiling roughly every five years, that time will be cut dramatically back. Resurfacing is only one part of the puzzle. The quality of the installation, product quality, climate, and usage can all affect the lifespan.

Razphalt™ Recycled Asphalt

The Future Of Recycled Asphalt

One major advantage to using Razphalt™ for driveway construction is its low cost. Razphalt™ driveways can cost as little as $0.50 per square foot to install. RaZphalt™ turns asphalt, a non-biodegradable material, into a more eco-friendly option by recycling it to create our signature mix of recycled asphalt.

In addition, non-renewable resources must be used to generate virgin asphalt. It’s much more environmentally responsible to choose a material that minimizes waste by re-purposing old asphalt and recycled asphalt shingles.

Better Finish

Due to the uniqueness of our unique blend, our asphalt alternative has the benefit of having a higher oil content than regular recycled asphalt. This means that, unlike other loose-fill driveway materials, it will bond together with heat and compaction. Therefore allowing for a semi-permanent driveway that remains in place.

In addition to being affordable and durable, driveways that are surfaced with Razphalt™ can be extremely attractive. They share a look that is a cross between a picturesque gravel surface and an asphalt surface. They maintain their black finish while also minimizing dust and dirt from having any effect on your vehicles.

Razphalt™ has little to no maintenance required. Because of the high oil content, Razphalt™ is flexible while still maintaining its tight bind to give it a consistent finish. Razphalt™ is also less susceptible to cracking or potholes compared to regular asphalt driveways and can be easily fixed by applying more Razphalt™ and simply compacting it.

About Razphalt™ & Synchor Recycling

Creating A Greener Future

Reducing the Calgary area’s environmental impact has long been a key goal for Synchor Recycling. Starting off by recycling construction materials, Synchor has now created a new product and company called RaZphalt™. Recycled asphalt is not a new concept. However, the team at RaZphalt™ is adding a twist which has created a far superior product.

Recycled shingles, combined with a proprietary blend of binders and additives, makes RaZphalt™ a product that adheres better than standard recycled asphalt products. Not only does it offer better dust control, it can also be a replacement for traditional asphalt pavement or gravel driveways, parking lots or roads. Our recycled asphalt cost per sq. ft is roughly 10% of what asphalt pavement costs to install.

The Synchor team has proven to be a leader in Calgary for construction material recycling. Finding new ways to help Calgarians be eco-friendly has always been a top priority. By providing a superior product to hot mix asphalt paving, we’re able to continue to strive towards that goal. Asphalt, wood and drywall are not good materials to have in landfills, especially in large quantities.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of asphalt shingles going into landfills. Hence, RaZphalt™ was born. Our goal is to continue to reduce landfill waste while offering a new recycled asphalt solution to the Calgary area.


Asphalt Cost Per Sq Ft

An Affordable Alternative

RaZphalt™’s recycled asphalt product will cost you about 10% of what you would spend in hot mix asphalt paving. It has a similar price to other recycled asphalt products, however, our proprietary mix of binding properties create a more compact surface.


Long Lasting

A Durable Option

After a time, every asphalt driveway will need to be resealed, generally every 3 to 5 years. With RaZphalt™ your won’t have that issue. Over time we may need to reapply the product but this would depend on multiple factors.


Dust Control

Breathe Easy

Gravel parking lots, driveways and even pathways are prone to kicking up dust in the air as people walk or drive down them. Watering for dust control is an option, but a better solution is RaZphalt™’s recycled asphalt which is suppress the dust and you won’t have to tend to it every few days.

Razphalt™ Portfolio Overview

The Future Of Recycled Asphalt