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Recycled Asphalt,
Just Better!

Fraction of the cost of pavement

Fraction of the maintenance of gravel

100% recycled product with a negative carbon footprint

Locally developed and produced


Leading Dust and Mud Control

Leading Dust and Mud Control

Razphalt® is made 100% from recycled materials. Every ton of material used keeps 1 ton of waste from being buried in our landfills. This creates a negative carbon footprint. In a world where almost everyone is trying to do their part to protect our planet, Razphalt® creates a win/win/win scenario. Great product, great for the environment, at a great price.

Application of Razphalt® is comparable to gravel, recycled asphalt or millings. Simply dump the material and grade it with a skid steer, grader or bulldozer. We recommend using a double drum roller once the product is placed, this will give it a completed look and expedite the compaction process. With traffic and heat from the sun, watch how Razphalt® continues to compact and harden. Our innovative blend of recycled materials is designed to get the customer maximum value. If after a few years you would like to do a ‘refresh’, simply scarify the area, add more product, then grade and compact again. Our customers love the usability and versatility Razphalt® provides. Don’t forget the cost savings and environmental benefit.

Easy to Work With

Easy to Work With